Microsoft Tablets At CES Next Month

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Microsoft has been largely absent from tablet announcements and competition in that area this year at a time we expected to see them providing the OS for manufacturers in the market place. With the coming CES event in Las Vegas in January, there are reports (rumors) that Microsoft will be presenting tablets running Windows 7. This is not the first time Microsoft has prepared to do this. Last year, they demonstrated the HP(HP laptop battery) Slate and then had the rug pulled out from under them by HP when they changed directions.

There are various reports about what Microsoft is going to present, such as from Tech News World and the New York Times this week. With all that has been going on with Microsoft, especially with Windows Phone 7, they really need this one to come off as outstanding. They have not had a presence in the tablet market and this is their time to jump into it.

Two of the manufacturers reported to be providing tablets for the Microsoft announcement are Samsung and Dell. According to one rumor, when displaying the Samsung tablet, which will be close in size to the iPad, it will run Windows 7 when held in landscape and will have a different user interface when held in portrait with the keyboard hidden. While this sounds rather strange, we will all have to wait and see exactly what this will end up being. With Samsung and Dell promoting and selling Android OS tablets, it will be interesting see how manufacturers will work with Microsoft to supply Windows 7 tablets. Past history of desktop computer sales and Microsoft pressuring companies to install Windows comes to mind. apple laptop batteries

For Microsoft, the stakes are high right now. They must get into the tablet OS market in the 1st quarter or risk essentially being locked out. Getting the correct OS is another concern being voiced as Windows 7 is a desktop OS and is built for that function, along with laptops. The laptop market and battery life is much different than that for tablets.

Google is developing the Android OS 3.0 to enhance tablets and one could consider Microsoft using the Windows Phone 7 OS for tablets. Following the lead from Google, a Microsoft mobile OS is far more suited for a tablet then a desktop computer OS. With the unreported sales numbers for Windows Phone 7, using that OS on tablets would provide another opportunity to gain success with it. compaq notebook battery

Some are saying that Microsoft has to step into the tablet market given the predictions of slowing sales for laptops and computers. If those predictions turn out to be accurate, the tablet market could easily offset the slowing sales with sales of a tablet OS and the Office suite in some variation, whether it be installed on the tablet or via the Office 365 Cloud offering. The 1st quarter is an opportunity for Microsoft to change course and be successful in 2011.

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Microsoft Tablets At CES Next Month

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This article was published on 2011/01/06